Mother's Day

Mother's Day in Sweden is always celebrated on the last Sunday in May. time to celebrate our mothers. On May 29th, we celebrate mother with love and many hugs. If you are far away, there is good communication via phone or computer. This is 100% happiness for her. The tradition of Mother's Day we started with as early as 1607, "Mothering Sunday", the mid-Lent Sunday, that was when the day "away children living" would be allowed to visit their parents' home.The returning children were expected to bring gifts to their mother the home church

In the United States, on the anniversary of her mother's death on May 10, 1905, teacher Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia began arranging a worship service focusing on motherly love. The church was decorated with white flowers and and all the churchgoers each received a white carnation. That celebration spread further in the United States and after 1914 it became an official holiday.

In Sweden in 1919 we started celebrating Mother's Day. It was through the initiative of, among others, the writer Cecilia Bååth-Holmberg. According to Cecilia's proposal, it was the last Sunday in May. She said that there are plenty of flowers to pick all over the country when honoring their mothers.

At home there are different ways to celebrate that you can do or fix yourself, for example make your own card, pick up flowers with what is in the forest or your garden. If you have time and like to cook, offer her a taste experience with your best recipe and at the same time you get invaluable time together. You can also just buy a bouquet of flowers and a good chocolate cake. If you have the opportunity to shop for a little more unique and personal products, for example, a mug Nordic take away from Smadi Interior can give her the opportunity to enjoy her favorite drink every day. Or why not an organic hand soap that takes care of her and her body, or a cozy and warm wool blanket Linnea or Blueber, to keep her warm every day summer and winter in our Scandinavian climate. Sustainable quality products where we protect man and nature to use every day and which make body and soul happy.

Remember that Mother's Day is more than just gifts, it is a tribute to her what she does day and night. Show your appreciation to her every day.