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Wikholm Form

Metal tray black

Metal tray black

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Beautiful tray for decoration, candles or flowers. There are so many ways to decorate your home with a tray. The advantage is many and that it can easily be combined with your favorite interior details.

The metal tray is black so it is easy to combine with other details, durable and resistant to harsh conditions in heat or rain. To have, for example, beautiful decorations on, such as candle trays in whole or in part with other interior details and candle lanterns for a more lively decoration. Make use of the season's natural decorations where everything from sprayed cones and twigs can adorn the decorative plate and create a lovely clean style in your home. Bring your good coffee in warm, beautiful, for example, Nordic mugs and place them directly on the tray, and take them and serve them on the table, on the sofa or take them out into the garden.
Choose between two sizes ø39 or ø29 

Size: 40 x 4 cm - 30 x 3 cm
Material: Black iron.

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