Furniture is intended for furnishing homes and public environments, indoors or outdoors, and has a function for sitting, lying down, storing, etc. Furniture is available in various materials such as wood, MDF, plywood, fiber cement, plastic etc.

But it is a great advantage to buy a piece of furniture made of solid wood because you can easily repair, reupholster, paint, etc. How you decorate and place the furniture plays a big role in the overall impression. Some examples of when you make mistakes are when the sofa is placed in the wrong place or is too large in relation to the room. Carpet that is out of proportion to the room or the furniture. Hang paintings too low, too high or askew. It often happens that you like many styles, or many different types of furniture and interior details, and have them in one and the same room. Many people like to have textiles, but forget to take care of them, so they easily become dusty or drag down the sense of style.

Look around and try to find what style you basically have and like. For example, country, scandinavian, industrial, minimalist, maximalist, glamorous, bohemian, coastal, green, vintage, classic, eclectic. Which style is it that really reflects you?