Wikholm Form

Wikholm is a Scandinavian wholesaler to florists and interior design stores that offers products made of ceramics, glass, wood, metal, baskets, leather and textiles. Many of their products have a unique design and are created by their own or external designers. Manufacturing takes place predominantly in Asia, but also in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

The company started its operations in 1937. Today, the range has been further expanded and is now divided into two different brands, Wikholmform and The Interior by Wikholmform. A wide product range that covers large parts of the home for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Wikholmform products are beautiful and fulfill a function through uniquely designed and carefully selected products. In Wikholmform's assortment you can find most of what you need for planting, garden & conservatory. Everything from self-designed vases, pots, platters, baskets, self-watering, garden decorations, garden tools, lanterns & candlesticks, ampels, plant supports, birdbaths, pot carts, outdoor pots, grave decorations, dried plants, lighting, small interiors and store furnishings, etc.

In The Interior by Wikholmform you will find products for home decoration. The style is peaceful and calm for everyone who loves muted colors combined with natural materials, degradable and recyclable such as cotton, linen, jute, various types of cultivated wood, eco-glass & metal. Production is on a small scale and close to the manufacturer.