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Fire bowl LIA

Fire bowl LIA

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Bring out the little extra for your patio with a nice and functional fire pit in the corten. The fire bowl Lia is just right for its size, easy to move around, stylish and practical with many functions such as for grilling sausages, marshmallows, etc. Perfect for those who like outdoor life. During autumn and winter, Lya fireplaces give you a place for fire, light and warmth. A stronger glow and the opportunity to gather more people around the impressive hearth and the fire. There are many possibilities with a fire bowl. You can make a fire, grill, plant or decorate your garden with a nice fire bowl in rust. Bring out your creativity and beautifully decorate your outdoor environment.

What is special about this fire bowl? Lya fire bowl are naturally beautiful with their rust brown color that highlights your patio and just the right size and height. The shape of the barrel makes it possible to turn it towards the wind and, if necessary, even if you want more protection.

How should the fireplace be placed? It needs to be on a heat-resistant surface such as concrete, gravel or stone.

Specifications Fire bowl
Use: Mood enhancer and heat source outdoors
Material: rust steel
Material thickness: 4 mm
Diameter: 50 cm
Height: 54 cm

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