Singles Day

Happy Singles Day at NordicButik"

Joy and celebration on Singles Day with a super discount with home decor in Nordic style.
Find time and spoil yourself with our super offers just for you and your home, decorate with Nordic style that you love as much today as tomorrow.
Celebrate yourself and your successes, pat yourself on the shoulder, celebrate your happy single life with classic home decor that is just for you, with a good deal on 11 November 2022, the big Singles Day campaign with Nordic style with us at NordicButik.
On November 11, 2022, you can save money on selected parts of our range. The offer is only valid on that day.
Be yourself and create a harmonious place with small details. Are you ready for Singles Day campaign with exclusive discounts just for you among categories such as:

Interior - posters
Cushions & cushions cover
Soap - cleaning

The campaign will start on November 11th at 00 am ENTER CODE AT CHECKOUT: SDAYS2022

What is Singles Day?
idea comes from some students at Nanjing University in China to celebrate the pride of being single. The students felt that there was no alternative and opposite to Valentine's Day. Singles Day grew up and came to include both single girls and boys that they are proud singles. The day is often celebrated with great offers. Thanks to the Internet, the students' idea was able to spread quickly and outside China. Today is Single Day shopping day not only in China but all over the world. And it's bigger than Black Friday.

Why is Singles Day celebrated on November 11?
The Singles Day campaign is always on November 11, which will be 11.11 chosen by the students at Nanjing University. When the 4 ones profile a visual illustration of four people standing alone but at the same time they look like in a group.

Do you have to be single to shop on Singles Day?
Singles Day is for everyone. Campaign aimed at you or someone else, find great fantastic deals on Singles Day 2022 at and our Studio store in Östersund.

Singles Day in Sweden
Now in Sweden, it has grown faster and faster in recent years and at the same time is becoming stronger. Singles Day is known as this year's shopping day with a good offer on interior design, design and furniture that helps you decorate your home to enjoy and recharge for everyday life.