Black Friday

Black Friday campaign focuses on our values ​​and characteristics. For the creation and selection of our products and suppliers. Behind every product is a story about quality, materials and work.

Take the opportunity to freshen up your home with comfortable and stylish furniture, home furnishings such as armchairs, footstools, stands for trays, unique shelves, etc. Furniture and home furnishings are available in classic colors such as white, black, gray and brown for luxurious and classic homes.

During Black Friday, we at and our Studio offer lots of offers and discounts. Follow us and keep an eye out on, Facebook, Instagram and our newsletters.

Black Friday we load up with good offers online and in our Studio in Östersund. You will be able to find lots of reduced-price products and you have the opportunity to find classic design furniture such as armchairs, footstools, shelves, lamps, side tables, wall hangings, furnishings for serving such as mugs, trays, kitchen towels, vases, etc. We will update with new offers throughout the campaign for you to make a good deal.

Black Friday in our Studio Östersund
This year we will be able to offer opportunities to buy and bargain at the same time in our Studio at Biblioteksgatan 16C.

What is Black Friday?
Black Friday originally comes from the USA, Philadelphia in the 60s and is always after American Thanksgiving. Which is on the fourth Thursday in November. Dates vary from year to year. The trend spread to the entire United States. There is also a theory that the name means sales figures, that red minus sales figures turn into black plus results. Today, Black Friday is America's biggest shopping day.

When is Black Friday?
In the year 2023, Black Friday falls on Friday, November 24th.

Black Friday in Sweden
In Sweden, the trend came about in 2013 when several Swedish stores and e-commerce came with special offers. Black Friday has since grown rapidly.

Tips for planning your purchases in order to take advantage of good offers.
• Start in good time. There is nothing stopping you from planning on time.
• Make a list of what you are going to buy and for which people if it is, for example, Christmas presents.
• Compare all prices at stores and monitor the prices at the same time.
• See if the promotional price is good using the price history.
• Make a budget of how much you can shop. And stick to that amount!
• Find out the purchase conditions at stores. You should therefore find out the store's terms and conditions before you buy something for possible exchange or return. Important to have a longer open purchase if it's Christmas presents.
• Check if stores have secure payment. Are there different payment methods, card, invoice, Swish?
• Check if stores have visible company contact details. This is extremely important information for you as a customer so that you can reach stores if necessary via email, including phone numbers.
• Use social media. It is easy to keep track of prices, offers, campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, while following your favorite posts.
• Cheap is not always good! Choose materials of good quality that last a long time.
• Shop at stores with decent brands. Under each product is someone who has worked in production.
• Do not shop unnecessarily! The goal when shopping on Black Friday is to find the best deals on products you need and not overspend. Then you save money and save the environment, which is the best thing you can do!