Blankets & Plaids


Blankets and plaids are beautiful as interior details at the same time as they are comfortable and keep us warm on cold days and especially in winter when it is minus degrees, but fantastic also in our Swedish summer which can usually be a bit chilly especially during evenings and nights especially in the northern parts of our country.

Think how lovely it can be if you have a fire to light to keep you warm and snuggled up and then complimented with a wool blanket or woolen plaid over your legs along with your favorite drink. Blankets & plaids are good and beautiful over your bed as an extra accessory in your bedroom to keep you warm when you need to rest briefly during the day without creating a mess. In the living room they are good and beautiful accessories on the sofa, armchair or if you don't like to display various gadgets, why not keep your blanket close under a fotstool with storage easily accessible when you need it? That way you create order.

We have chosen to work with wool blankets and woolen plaids that are qualitative, thick and beautiful, which together with unique designs inspired by Swedish nature and old archival patterns from the 19th century, give you that little something extra.

Blankets and Plaids create a cozy factor in your home while keeping you warm.

Available in different types and quality such as lamb's wool, alpaca, merino wool, cashmere, mohair, cotton and synthetic material.

What is the difference between plaid and felt?

Plaids has fringes and is a slightly looser weave than a blanket. Blankets feels firmer and "thicker" than a plaid and has as edge finishing a sewn edge in something called a langett stitch or felt stitch.