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Wool Blanket Brunkulla

Wool Blanket Brunkulla

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The wool blanket Brunkulla is inspired by a hand-printed wallpaper and stencil paintings on the Upland 18th-century farms Vallhovs säteri and Landsberga kungsgård, which are part of our Swedish cultural heritage. Brunkulla is one of our rarer orchids and Jämtland's landscape flower.

Cozy up with a wool blanket both inside and outside, summer and winter. Beautiful in your home and perfect for the garden and outdoor picnics or when you're out and about watching a performance etc. Bring your favorite drink, sit back and enjoy and wrap yourself in the super nice blanket that's guaranteed to keep you extra warm. The wool blanket is of extra comfortable and lovely quality as it is based on organic lamb's wool. And nothing is better than wool and especially in our Nordic climate with many times low temperatures, howling winds and changing weather. The wool keeps you warm even when wet. And inside it is an interior detail that adds a little color to life and is always good to have close to the armchair, sofa or bed.

Brunkullan is an unusual orchid that is one of the rarest in the Nordics.

Care: Wool is dirt-repellent and has a self-cleaning property which means that wool products should not be washed too often or unnecessarily. Wool feels good from frequent airing, preferably in damp weather. The blankets can be washed with wool detergent by hand or on a wool program in a machine at 30 degrees. Wring the blanket semi-dry or spin briefly, stretch the blanket and then air dry it.

  • 100 % Norwegian organic lamb's wool
  • Storlek 130 x 185 cm

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