Lighting is one of the most important when decorating a home and in the same way it is in a public environment. With good lighting and the right setting of light, you will achieve the desired atmosphere.

Basic rule is general lighting. General lighting must spread a light in all directions and at the same time be strong enough to illuminate the entire room. In the Nordics, we have trends where we choose warm light. You are the one who should feel comfortable in your home - with the lighting that you choose.

When it comes to environmental lighting, we have what you need. Whether it's a lamp to create a new atmosphere in a certain room, a lampshade to upgrade a lamp base, ceiling lamp or chandelier to decorate your bedroom, living room, children's room or even the kitchen. At NordicButik you will find everything you need to be able to enjoy all parts of your home even during the winter and darker times.

For example, our Nordic lampshade is flexible in size for both a lamp base or a floor lamp, and with its unique Nordic design, it suits everyone who likes mountains and nature.

With our ceiling lights Kvist, Star, etc, they fit well in rooms that you want to lift up a little more, because it is a beautiful fixture with a nice shape that will be the finishing touch in your room. Most of our ceiling lamps or wall lamps are dimmable, so you have the opportunity to create different moods in the room as needed. Create your perfect corner with a good lamp and the right lighting to read or spend some alone time with a cup of coffee.

Finally, if you are looking for rustic style our chandelier is perfect to you from Miljögården design has the perfect option. It holds up to 8 tall candles to turn any room into a romantic and elegant scene.