About us

You have made it to NordicButik.com, hope you are enjoying your visit!
Our store has selected collections of Scandinavian brands that we hope will become your favorites and your allies when it comes to home decor. Just like when this dream started, NordicButik is about stylish and unique durable products, meant to last a long time and to become that special thing that comes and goes from generation to generation.

We've rounded up incredible brands to give you a variety of choices that will fill your home with exquisite decor, furniture and accessories for every room. Let us introduce you to them.

Smadi Interior & Studio, the start of our journey and our own brand, is here to bring you Nordic inspired products filled with patterns, colors and textures, which will give your home the traditional yet typical Scandinavian feel. You will find Smadi Interiors designs such as lamps, furniture, kitchen & table setting and home furnishing products.

Miljögården Design is one of Sweden's largest wholesalers of furniture and interior design and is here to help you create beautiful and rustic environments. You can find their products such as lamps, furniture and home decor.

As part of our lamp section, we also have Örsjö Belysning, and if you are looking for Scandinavian style and special lamps that stand out, their products will fit perfectly. A Swedish brand that lights up many homes.

Moving to the furniture section, we bring you three brands that combine coziness, durability, elegance and warmth. Cuero Design, BE Design & Wikholm Form. Together with Smadi Interior, these brands offer you cushions, coffee tables, baskets, shelves, armchairs and footstools made in a variety of fabrics, colors and styles so you can choose the one that best suits the atmosphere and style of your home

When it comes to sustainability and the environment, Återbrukshyttan was the first to reuse empty bottles and produce new goods such as cow's nut jugs, vases, etc.

Falu Ljusstöperi offers you unique and hand-cast candles perfect for both everyday and cozy weekends.

Formverket Design offers you functional kitchen towels with a message. For example, do you want to learn Jämska or all about different types of beer at the same time as cooking. Check out our kitchen towels.

Florys a Swedish history is colorful and Scandinavian design that warms you with its wool blankets and retro-inspired porcelain.

If you are a minimalist and like the color black, then Anneli Palmqvist design products are for you. For example with their Britt candle box that you fill with parts according to the season or your own style and create coziness at home, or their hanging candlestick from the ceiling or wall.

If you are looking for quality woolen blankets with Swedish history, then Kerstin Landström design is a must for you! Kerstin draws her inspiration from Swedish landscapes and old archives.

We hope you enjoy your time here with us as much as we do, and where we try to make this webshop special just for you!