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Annelie Palmqvist her products are graphic & stylish shapes that combine with black and white colors. Style is industrial which suits you who like minimalist. Annelie Palmqvist design is for everyone who likes industrial, minimalist and elegant interior details but mainly functional ones that you can combine together. In her collections there are kitchen towels, candlesticks, light boxes, pot mats, etc.


Återbrukshyttan is a company that gives old bottles new life. We name nature friends. Through recycling and manufacturing of empty bottles save to nature, we call eco-friendly brand. All raw materials consist of packaging glass. Anny founder and owner of the company, shapes all products by hand in her own glass cabin in Bollnäs, Hälsinglan. Empty bottles become a vases, jug, glass, self-watering, lamps, etc. Anny creates different products, products that like recycling. Decor your home with recycling and funtional item and save our planet. This make posibility Återbrukshyttan Swedish brand.


BE Design is a Finnish design brand, founder of Cilla and Bette Eklund. Inspire yourself from the wild nature that exists in the Nordic countries. They style is minimalist, simple and beautiful. Products are design furniture and home accessories for both private and public environments. BEdesign works with manufacturers who share their passion for the craft and the smallest details with high quality. Products are design furniture and accessories for both private and public environments. Stool, shelves, shoe racks, cutting racks, table legs, hangers & hooks and accessories. AWARDS 2018 - Design Shanghai Picks Award at Design Shanghai Fair, Shanghai, China 2017 - Toimittajien Tusina Award at Habitare Fair, Helsinki, Finland


Cuero Design is a Swedish brand run by Nils & Agustina Kjerstadius. The company creative functional and luxurious furniture to love today and tomorrow, a piece of furniture to inherit from generation to generation. In their collection you will find the most popular furniture Butterfly chair in luxurious leather and Iceland sheepslin. The collection includes armchair, footstool , sheepskin and cushion. Decorate your home cozy and luxurious with quality furniture. "Nature meets art" is the Cuero Design slogan.



FLORYD design design and sells products with a visible, graphical and colorful design with inspiration from our Swedish traditions, our nature, and the 50-70 ́s. Brand Floryd have a unique designs Blueberries and Linnea spreads happiner in your home. Floryd collections include for dining and home decor, wool blankets, stools, tray tables, posters, etc. Products are manufactured and produced in Sweden and in Europe. FLORYD design was established 2012 and is managed by My Floryd Welin, graphic and pattern designer from Nacka Stockholm. Red summer cottages, dala horses, kur- bits, elks, midsummer, blueberries, lingon- berries, and in the middle of it all - coffee breaks. Because what Swedes really like is a coffee break!

Barbro Tryberg Boberg is graphic design, industrial design within homes and households. She is inspired by mostly graphic patterns and from the 50s and 60s, with a very colorful style on her products. In kitchen towels, her inspiration comes from our flora & fauna and Swedish traditions or other clear messages such as language, everything in beer, everything wine, etc. All products are designed and produced in Sweden. Her products include carpets, trays, kitchen towels, tray holders, etc.


Kerstin started her company in 1994 in beautiful Rättvik by Siljan, in Dalarna. Her production mainly consists of woolen blankets and plaids, but cardigans, silver jewelery and books are also included. The textile patterns are often inspired by old wallpaper, medieval church paintings, carpenter's joy and costume details. She conveys a feeling on her blankets and plaids - where our Swedish traditions, Swedish cultural environment and its history are present. With tradition, inspiration and innovation create unique blankets and plaids to stay at home or cottage to keep you warm.



Miljögården is an established furnishing wholesaler since 1985, founded by Ulf and Barbro Wihlborg. With its own furniture factory in Poland, designed by Ulf himself, the company has since 2021 passed into the hands of his son Joakim Wihlborg, who is now CEO. Located just outside Malmö, Miljögården is characterized by a close-knit work environment with a focus on simplicity, community, and humor. They offer an inspiring range in their own design to unique shops, decorators, restaurants and hotels, and their presence extends from Scandinavia to the whole of Europe. Miljögården strives to facilitate and inspire the creation of beautiful and pleasant environments, which permeates their motto: "Create spaces that You Love"


Örsjö Belysning is a prominent player in the lighting industry, with roots that stretch back in time. With a dedication to superior craftsmanship and a design philosophy that blends functionality with Nordic elegance, Örsjö Belysning has established itself as a significant player. Their range of lighting solutions is known for offering a harmonious combination of form and function, and their products have become synonymous with quality and style. Explore their collection to discover lighting options that unite tradition and innovation in a unique way.


Smadi Interior & Studio is our brand (before Smadi Design) with a Nordic touch, inspired by nature, mountain and Swedish traditions. in collections are available interior decor and small furniture. The company vision is to create sustainable and quality products to enjoy for many years. For everyday or party, indoors or outdoors, with nordic products spread hapinnes .Take nature close to you with stylish home decor. Behind the company are Catherine and Per-Erik Dillner. Catherine Dillner has her roots in the jungle of colorful country of Peru. When she moved to Sweden she brought her love for colors, joy of life, warmth and energy. With inspiration from nature and Swedish tradition Cathy's new home town, the wintercity of Östersund, she creates patterns, furniture and accessories with impulses from both worlds. Always with a story.


Wikholm is a Scandinavian wholesaler to florists and interior design stores that offers products made of ceramics, glass, wood, metal, baskets, leather and textiles. Many of their products have a unique design and are created by their own or external designers. Manufacturing takes place predominantly in Asia, but also in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

The company started its operations in 1937. Today, the range has been further expanded and is now divided into two different brands, Wikholmform and The Interior by Wikholmform. A wide product range that covers large parts of the home for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Wikholmform products are beautiful and fulfill a function through uniquely designed and carefully selected products. In Wikholmform's assortment you can find most of what you need for planting, garden & conservatory. Everything from self-designed vases, pots, platters, baskets, self-watering, garden decorations, garden tools, lanterns & candlesticks, ampels, plant supports, birdbaths, pot carts, outdoor pots, grave decorations, dried plants, lighting, small interiors and store furnishings, etc.

In The Interior by Wikholmform you will find products for home decoration. The style is peaceful and calm for everyone who loves muted colors combined with natural materials, degradable and recyclable such as cotton, linen, jute, various types of cultivated wood, eco-glass & metal. Production is on a small scale and close to the manufacturer.