Easter is a holiday to enjoy and a time to recover from every day.

Soon it's time to decorate your home for Easter. Start a month before and in that way make the mood last longer, but why should you buy Easter decorations every year? With simple things you can make nice decorations. Do you know everything you can find of in your home? Or why not shop at a vintage store? You can also to ask your relatives or friends about things you need and in that way recycling and save your wallet and above all contribute to less consumption.

Here you will get some simple ideas for Easter decor & tips that you can fix for less money.

More Ideas for a successful day with your family. Good luck!

1: - Use eggshells by making holes on the top of egg, allow to dry and then fill with flowers from the forest or leaves.
2: - Buy vintage fabrics, curtains, bedding and sew to a new pillowcase, runner, kitchen towel, potholder, etc.
3: - Make beautiful flowers from leftover wallpaper.
4: - Make nice Easter eggs for your children from coffee filters, draw a rabbit face in each corner, make a knot with sew thread and them create a rabbit ear, ready to be filled with the children's favorite candy!
5: - Reuse old candle stubs and turn into new candles in a nice coffee cup or tea cup. If you want to add color, reuse in your favorite color espresso cup - beautiful and cozy! The only thing you need to buy is candle wick, so if you like to do crafts, this is super fun for you.

If you do not have any time or don’t like to do crafts, maybe you can buy something. But do not shop for trends item. Buy products that you can use on different occasions. Invest in quality & sustainable decoration. At NordicButik.com you will find different types of home decor for different time. For example, use Nordic mug as a vase, fix a nice table setting with our kitchen towel. Surprise your loved one with a good breakfast in bed on a nice Nordic tray. Share Easter sweets or nuts in a practical recycled glass jug, put tulips in a recycled vase from Mackmyra.