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Annelie Palmqvist Design

Kitchen towel MOOSE

Kitchen towel MOOSE

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In Sweden, there are between 240,000 - 360,000 moose during the summer. Hunting has been a tradition throughout the ages and is an important source of food in the Nordic region. Around 80,000 - 90,000 moose are shot in Sweden each autumn.

Moose is the game meat that many people like the most. Of course, it is about taste, but also about the compact and tender structure of the meat.

Kitchen towel Moose has a practice guide on which cutting parts are suitable for what and in the English language! There are many of us who do not know which parts of the moose are for, for example, roast with inner-outer thigh or French fries. Which part can be used for minced meat or stews which are often parts from the bow, legs and sides, prime rib with a lot of fat and tough but tasty for stews.

Towel with piece details is a practical tool for anyone who likes venison and who wants to learn more like a chef. Take the opportunity to frame it and have it as a nice painting in your kitchen.

Tips on little help on moose cuts, which in practice are the same as beef (cow-calf):
-Neck (roast & ground)
-Loin (steaks)
-Tenderloin (steaks)
-Rump (roast, soup & stew)
-Sirloin Tip (roast & steak)
-Outside Round (steak)
-Backing (steak, soup, roast)
-Leg (roast, soup, stew & ground)
-Frank (ground)
-Shoulder (roast, steak, soup & ground)
-Foreleg (roast, steak, soup & ground)

Dimensions: 50x70 cm
Washing: 30 degrees
Material: cotton
Design: Annelie Palmqvist

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