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Kitchen towel All about beer

Kitchen towel All about beer

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The history of beer stretches to the Middle East around 10,000 BC when beer was only for the gods. In the Nordic countries there was beer and mead around the birth of Christ. Mead was made from honey, porc, svattram. The Middle Ages were German monks who manufactured and improved the construction methods.

There are different types of beer that taste different, of course tastes vary from person to person. Everything varies on malting, mashing, wort boiling, fermentation, storage, filtration, pasteurization and bottling.

Do you like beer and want to learn more about different types of beer? Our kitchen towel All about beer helps you to differentiate which types of beer are available on the market. Clean and dry while you can learn about different types of beer. Our kitchen towel is in fine linen with a unique message. You can frame it, use it as a painting, or as a stylish decoration detail in your home.

Material: 50% linen and 50% cotton
Size: 50x70 cm
Care: Machine wash 60°

Made in Sweden - of course!

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