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Annelie Palmqvist Design

Sweden underlay

Sweden underlay

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Delicious pot mat for large and small pots! Stylish design that becomes a nice accessory for serving! Stylish detail to also have as a decoration when it is not used in cooking. For example, lean it against the tile on the sink, hang it on the wall in the kitchen or keep it on the kitchen shelf. Also works as a beautiful painting in any room with your personal message on it.
TIP! Write anything you want with a white pen for glass... for example a company name, your surname, the town or landscape you live in, a memorable place etc.

NOTE: Underlay without city name

Size: 33 X 16 X 0.3 cm.
Material: Powder-coated in black metal.
Design: Annelie Palmqvist
Care instructions: Clean with a damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid. Do not soak, nor machine wash.

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