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History Student

In 1964, the Riksdag decided to abolish the old model with a student's degree in Sweden for several different reasons. The idea was to introduce a new and more efficient system. After that, the change came into effect, even if the term "student's degree" lived on in the vernacular in parallel with "the student". The changes meant, among other things, that the student essays were replaced with central exams. The absence of a real degree as a reason, together with the contemporary spirit of revolt in Swedish society, meant that the student celebration assumed significantly smaller proportions. During the 1970s, there were no major celebrations. Since the 1980s and especially after the upper secondary school reform in the 1990s, when even vocational training became three-year after having previously been two-year, at the same time as it became easier to procure larger quantities of strong drinks, however, student celebrations increased and became more and more public, partly located to streets and squares. The graduation of secondary schools in Sweden and the festivities surrounding it (commonly called student or matriculation exam) differ between different schools but have common features. The student events begin in April with the putting on of caps for the students. The student cap has been used in Sweden since the middle of the 19th century and bears emblems and sometimes also tassels, embroidery and other decoration. The students usually arrange a ball at the end of the academic year. At school, student day may include a music concert, awarding of scholarships and other awards. On graduation day, the students sing student songs. The student graduation at the school ends with a so-called "exit", when the students leave the school. The outing can be followed by cortege through the town, in connection with which the students often travel on a flatbed or trailer behind a vehicle. After the celebration at school and possibly church, it is common for a student reception to be arranged at the home of each individual student. And in the evening and at night, young people often celebrate together outside and in public places. It belongs to the students to give them a nice present and memory for life. Nothing could be better than a unique, durable, quality gift from

Why do we celebrate graduation?

It depends a little on how you look at it, on the one hand the student can be seen as an end to the high school years, students in the third year of the high school finish their high school studies. The student can also be seen as a transition to adulthood, further studies, working life or something else entirely. Since fewer and fewer young people in Sweden are confirmed or do the military service the student celebration has instead become the most important rite of passage of adolescence. We celebrate the students and the life they have ahead of them with all its possibilities, and our unique products that last a lifetime and generations from