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Nordic wooden cutting board

Nordic wooden cutting board

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Unique and durable wooden cutting board. There is no better material than wood for cutting boards, it is easy to wash, wipe, cut and chop including as a large tray for cheese, delicatessen, marmalade, fruit, etc, for both your dinner and party.

A big wooden cutting board is practical to use on the kitchen counter and gives you large surfaces to work on when cooking or as a tray. Place it in the middle of the table at dinner or brunch and enjoy time with loved ones.

Our cutting boards are treated with vegetable oil and the design varies from one to the other. The important thing is that you should think that they are handmade and therefore different and that makes each cutting board a unique item as no one is the same. Nordic patterns are burned by hand and can also vary from one to the other.

Wood is a living material; it can become dried out and crack if it is washed too often or loosened by the water. Therefore, it is important that you take good care of it.

Grease the cutting board with regular cooking oil, leave overnight and wipe off excess grease with paper towels. Wow, the cutting board is like new!

Vinegar has good disinfecting properties so you can use this on a towel to wipe or spray on and then wipe and rinse to easily and quickly disinfect your cutting board.

Made by hand by Mattias Dillner
Material: Pine wood
Size height: 5 cm
Care: Cooking oil

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