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Cuero Chair Pampa Mariposa Black/Black - Display

Cuero Chair Pampa Mariposa Black/Black - Display

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Luxurious, and stylish butterfly chair to love every day. The chair Pampa Mariposa offers you to relax and enjoy your time, enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, listen to music, many possibilities for your home.

For those of you who like quality and durability, the Butterfly chair is the right one and will make life comfortable for you for a long time!

Pampa Mariposa is a classic armchair and larger from the original version. A modern twist on the classic design.

Extra luxurious thick leather 4 mm but only 14 kilos so it is easy to move around. A piece of furniture to enjoy and relax in or just watch.

Available in black color.

The base is available in black lacquered steel.

Cushions are available as a complement to the soft leather front and simple leather back.

Display furniture, sold as is.

Material: Leather and black steel
Size: Back height 92cm, W 87cm, D 86cm

Weight: 14Kg
Package size: 97x70x9 cm

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