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Candle Chandelier 6 arm

Candle Chandelier 6 arm

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Very beautiful 6-arm chandelier from Ölmeljus. During the dark season, it is cozy and good to have candles, at home, at work or wherever you want to raise the mood. When you decorate with candles, you create a unique atmosphere in your home. Invite yourself or your loved ones to a cozy home. Autumn and winter are a good time to bring out your favorite candles or tea lights and relax. Crown with a unique shape and 6-arm that makes it an eye-catcher in your room or as we say in Sweden, the finishing touch for the room.

-Always place the candle on a saucer, it may leak.
-Cut the wick to approx. 25 mm when the candle lights up for the first time.

ATTENTION! Never leave a candle unattended

There are 2 sizes:
Small: 20x13 cm (height x depth)
Medium: 30x20 cm (height x depth)

Saucer not included

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