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Bicarbonate jur Grunne

Bicarbonate jur Grunne

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Bicarbonate is the best cleanser you can have plus has many other uses including body and beauty care, cleaning for the kitchen, bathroom and garden. And the best part is that it is environmentally friendly, economical and natural.

What exactly is bicarbonate?
The name NaHCO3 or Sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is a completely natural product found in the earth's oceans, and in the ground. It contains none of the corrosive substances found in chemicals and many industrial cleaning and detergents.

How can you use bicarbonate?
Because bicarbonate has unlimited uses, there are many ways to use it, for example:

1. You can clean the kitchen and bathroom.
2. Remove bad smell and freshen up the room, box, etc.
3. Remove burnt food.
4. Fix the blockage in the drain, bicarbonate easily help you solve the blockage in the drain without lots of heavy chemicals.
5. Freshen up carpets, mattresses, sofas and other upholstered furniture.
6. Remove chalk from the wall.
7. Freshen up the laundry. By using bicarbonate in the laundry, you can be sure that the clothes come out both clean and odorless.
8. yourFor shampoo, mix bicarbonate with water and massage into hair. Rinse with apple vinegar.
9. Clean the washing machine, dryer and keep fresh.
10. Use bicarbonate in the garden. Bicarbonate helps you get rid of nails and unwanted moss.

Bicarbonate is available in original with soft-free and lavender. Comes with a beautiful jar of 500 g. After you run out of bicarbonate you can buy refill.

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