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Linseed oil soap 1 L

Linseed oil soap 1 L

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There is no other means more effective and cleansing power that is linseed oil soap, and especially kind to the environment. Shallow linseed oil soap contains no artificial dyes or preservatives.
-Linen oil soap original with a soft scent of almonds is used for all types of cleaning such as oven cleaning, scrubbing floor, stone, limestone, wood, brush washing, stain removal, grill, balconies, laundry, glass, window care, cleaning, aphids, car washing and much more.
-Linen oil soap lavender scent comes from genuine essential lavender oil, which means that the scent can stay in the room for a long time. In addition, lavender oil is slightly antiseptic.
-Linse oil soap with white pigmentation is perfect for new wooden floors to light up. With white soap, you can bring the brightness and surface back to an even structure.
For normal cleaning: dilute approx. 1-2 decilitres per 10 liters of cold water.
For basic impregnation of, for example, scrubbing floor or terrace: 1 liter to 10 liters of cold water.

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