Acoustic panel specifications

Total dimensions: 2x240x600mm (1.44 m2), 22x270x600 (1.67 m2), 22x3000x600 (1.8 m2)
Rib dimensions: 13x2mm
Distance between ribs: 13mm
Weight: 12kg/14kg/16kg
Installation: Screw or assembly glue.
Fastening: Hidden.
Sound classification: A - when installing on 45mm studs with insulation behind. D - when installing directly against the wall/ceiling.
Moisture: The wooden ribs are manufactured on a moisture-resistant, premium MDF and can withstand up to 65% relative humidity. Therefore,
the acoustic panels work excellently outside the shower zone in a private bathroom environment.
Environmental: Wood from sustainable forestry. The acoustic felt is made from recycled plastic.
Surface treatment: UV-oiled (UE79800 ), Lacquered (UG7348)
Veneer: Walnut, Teak, Oak (Lacquered), Oak black lacquered, Oak grey lacquered, Oak white lacquered, Oak light lacquered, Oak grey/brown lacquered, Oak black/brown lacquered, Ash white lacquered.
Maintenance: Clean with a feather-duster, vacuum cleaner, or a slightly damp cloth.
Acoustic felt: Made in Sweden from recycled plastic and available in black, dark gray and light gray (9mm).


Sound classification

Wood on Wall has performed a measurement of sound absorption on substrates in reverberation rooms according to ISO 354 and ISO 11654.

The measurement was made with two different substrates and provided two different results, as seen in the charts.

Acoustic panel – ISO 1165
Directly on the wall: Absorption class D
On 45 mm studs with insulation behind: Absorption class A

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