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Örsjö Kvist 4 ceiling Lamp - Display

Örsjö Kvist 4 ceiling Lamp - Display

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A classic lamp from 1999 Kvist designed by Jonas Bohlin from Örsjö.

The designer's thought: “When my son was born, I planted an apple tree. The tree grows and gives us fruit. Kvist became a care tree that ages," says Jonas Bohlin.

Ceiling lamps Kvist 4 arm, so they fit well in rooms that you want to lift up a bit more, because it is a beautiful fixture with a taste in its shape that will be the finishing touch in your room. The lamp has a dimmable function, which means that in this way you can adjust the light intensity depending on your mood and needs. Everything to create the coziest environment.

Raw copper changes over time, darkens, shifts and only becomes more and more beautiful with each passing year.

Silver soldered construction. Suspension hook is available for the remaining cable. At higher ceiling heights, C-hooks are used, also designed by Jonas Bohlin alt vajer.

Display ceiling lamp, sold as is.

Size: 540 mm x Ø 410 mm
Design: Jonas Bohlin
Light source: 4 st 40W Halopar 16 alt. 28W halogen E14. LED-alternativ 4 st 5W LED E14 PAR16 alt. 4,5W LED E14.  (not included)
Installation: 5 meter transparent cable. 
Mounting: Hook in ceiling
Material: white, black.
Connection: 5m cable with ceiling connector
Dimmable: Yes

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