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Spray Linseed oil soap

Spray Linseed oil soap

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Linseed oil soap, is made from cultured flax of the highest quality. Fatter and heavier than regular soap and easily biodegradable.

Soap is ready-mixed vegetable soap with grycerin then easy you can clean with the practice spray bottle that is based on linseed oil soap that cleans all surfaces in depth. Linseed oil soap spray can be used on all materials such as countertops, tiles, stone, stainless steel, enamel, tiles, etc. in, for example, the bathroom and kitchen and gives it luster to your oven cleaner, mirrors and windows.

There are two arome. A scent from lavender comes from genuine essential lavender oil, which means that it stays in the room for a long time. Original linseed oil soap leaves a wonderful scent of almonds.

In addition, lavender oil is slightly antiseptic. Soap is a really good environmental alternative for all rooms.

Size: 500 ml

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